I've a problem installing sphinx with percona 5.6 on centos 6.4.

I'm getting the following error while building from source:

ERROR: cannot find MySQL include files.

Check that you do have MySQL include files installed.
The package name is typically 'mysql-devel'.

If include files are installed on your system, but you are still getting
this message, you should do one of the following:

1) either specify includes location explicitly, using --with-mysql-includes;
2) or specify MySQL installation root location explicitly, using --with-mysql;
3) or make sure that the path to 'mysql_config' program is listed in
   your PATH environment variable.

To disable MySQL support, use --without-mysql option.

Percona-Server-devel is installed:

rpm -qa | grep -i percona

What I've tried:

locate "libmysql"



  ./configure --with-mysql=/usr/lib64/mysql --with-mysql-libs=/usr/lib64/mysql
  ./configure --with-mysql=/usr/lib64 --with-mysql-libs=/usr/lib64
  ./configure --with-mysql=/usr/bin/mysql --with-mysql-libs=/usr/bin/mysql
  ./configure --with-mysql=/usr

configure: error: invalid MySQL root directory '/usr/lib64/mysql'; neither bin/mysql_config, nor include/ and lib/ were found there

which mysql_config


Have you tried installing mysql-devel ?

sudo yum install mysql-devel

If properly setup, try as suggested in the error message to point to these libs manually using a command like the following one (to be adapted to your environment)

./configure --with-mysql-includes=/usr/local/src/mysql-XXX/include
  • You can't have mysql-devel and percona-devel at the same time! – Orlo Apr 17 '14 at 8:48
  • You are probably right, but the error message start by "ERROR: cannot find MySQL include files." So you have to point to this one way or an other. Have you tried --with-mysql-includes (make it points to personal lib and check it out) – Stephane Paquet Apr 19 '14 at 4:28

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