i've a c# wincontrol that depends on a bunch of c++ unmanaged dlls.


Is there a way to include these mylib[a|b].dll when deploying the dotnetctrl.dll? i.e. When in a project I add a reference to dotnetctrl, is there a way to make the mylib dlls available in the right path just like .NET assembly?

  • What do you mean by deploy? ClickOnce? A setup project? Library reference? Copy/Paste?
    – CuppM
    Commented Mar 1, 2010 at 18:22

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Click on the unmanaged DLLs, then in Properties, change the "Build Action" to "None" and the Copy to Output Directory to "Copy if newer"

  • hopefully, I am answering your question correctly. This will, upon building your project, automatically copy those files (wherever they are) into the same folder as your .NET assemblies.
    – Dave
    Commented Feb 22, 2010 at 18:42

Copy the DLLs to the directory where the .NET binary file is and it will load the unmanaged DLL's within that directory.

Hope this helps.

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