I have following mysql table:

item code | warehouse | qty
itm001    |    abc    |10  
itm002    |    xyz    |20  
itm003    |    pqr    |20  
itm004    |    pqr    |15  
itm001    |    abc    |60  
itm002    |    xyz    |10  
itm004    |    tqr    |20  
itm003    |    www    |20  
itm001    |    ppp    |15  

I want sum of when item code and warehouse repeat their qty total: for example: itm001 abc is repeted two times their sum display itm001 = 70 same way for itm002 and display sum itm002 = 30.

I dont want static where clause (where item code = 'itm001' and warehouse = 'abc' or item code ='itm002' and warehouse = 'xyz').

  • Can you please clarify whether you wish to group rows with the same itemcode, warehouse + summed quantity as one new row, or whether you wish to repeat the original rows (possibly with additional columns) with the duplicated summed quantity. – StuartLC Apr 17 '14 at 13:20

You should use GROUP BY with HAVING:

SELECT itemcode,warehouse,SUM(qty) FROM yourtable
GROUP BY itemcode,warehouse

HAVING filters out the items that only exist once in a warehouse.


try this:

  SELECT itemcode,warehouse,SUM(qty) FROM table1 GROUP BY warehouse,itemcode;

Use this :

SELECT item_code, warehouse,sum(qty)
FROM your_table
GROUP BY item_code, warehouse

You can use the havin clause on a group by.

select item_code, warehous, sum(qty), count(*)
group by item_code, warehouse 
having count(*) > 1

If I understand right, you can use: SELECT item_code, warehouse , SUM(qty) FROM yourTable WHERE (...) GROUP BY item_code, warehouse;

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