I'm trying to import test cases to Testlink. The xml file is from excel. The fields I have are:


However, I only see Name and Summary in Testlink. Stepactions and expectedresults are not imported. What's wrong??

Thanks a lot!


Not sure what your xml looks like, but this works for me. I'm using Testlink version 1.9.7

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<testcase name="NAME_OF_TESTCASE">
    <summary>Description of test case</summary>
    <preconditions>some pre conditions</preconditions>
            <actions>Do a thing</actions>
            <expectedresults>This is what to expect</expectedresults>
            <actions>Do another thing</actions>
            <expectedresults>more expected results</expectedresults>


Have a look at https://github.com/MrBricodage/TestLink--ImportExcelMacro

  • It has pdf documents which describes how to use it.

It took three days to find this solution only u have to do is,

  • Download Ex-Converter from here Works fine only with Windows-7.
  • Create TestCases.xlsx excel file with fields Name, Importance, Summary, Preconditions, Actions, Expected-results
  • Open downloaded application Ex-Converter.exe
  • Give path of TestCases.xlsx file and new file TestCases.xml
  • Click on Convert
  • On TestLink > Test specification > Your Project name > Create test suite > inside test suite Import > TestCases.xml
  • You are DONE :)

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