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My yii2 install in d:\wamp\www\yii2store

I want to get above path to save images which will be uploaded by me or users.

I have pass all available arguments in Yii::getAlias('@webroot') (below are the lists of argument which I have used).

@yii - framework directory.

@app - base path of currently running application.

@runtime - runtime directory.

@vendor - Composer vendor directory.

@webroot - web root directory of currently running web application.

@web - base URL of currently running web application.

And also once I will get above path to save images then how can I get path something like this localhost/yiistore2/upload to be use in img tag src.

One more thing how can I create my own alias with Yii::setAlias() and where to create this so that I can load it on every controller.

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    Here is a list of the default aliases available in Yii2 : yiiframework.com/wiki/667/…
    – phazei
    Jul 23, 2014 at 22:19
  • Already gone through but could not get what I want, so below is the right solution.
    – Tousif Ali
    Jul 27, 2014 at 9:27

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Open file D:\wamp\www\yiistore2\common\config\params-local.php

Paste below code before return

Yii::setAlias('@anyname', realpath(dirname(__FILE__).'/../../'));

After inserting above code in params-local.php file your file should look like this.

Yii::setAlias('@anyname', realpath(dirname(__FILE__).'/../../'));

return [

Now to get path of your root (in my case its D:\wamp\www\yiistore2) directory you can use below code in any php file.

echo Yii::getAlias('@anyname');
  • How to get URL of this directory? Jan 17, 2015 at 21:06
  • This is the location of root directory. What do you mean by URL of this directory kindly show me some example with regards to this question.
    – Tousif Ali
    Mar 2, 2015 at 12:05

Use "getAlias" in Yii2


Try out this,

My installation is at D:\xampp\htdocs\advanced

\Yii::$app->basePath will give like D:\xampp\htdocs\advanced\backend.

\Yii::$app->request->BaseUrl will give like localhost\advanced\backend\web\

You may store the image using \Yii::$app->basePath and show it using \Yii::$app->request->BaseUrl


Supposing you have a writable "uploads" folder in your application:

You can define a param like this:

Yii::$app->params['uploadPath'] = realpath(Yii::$app->basePath) . '/uploads/';

Then you can simply use the parameter as:

$path1 = Yii::$app->params['uploadPath'] . $filename;

Just depending on if you are using advanced or simple template the base path will be (following the link provided by phazei):

Simple @app: Your application root directory

Advanced @app: Your application root directory (either frontend or backend or console depending on where you access it from)

This way the application will be more portable than using realpath(dirname(__FILE__).'/../../'));


If you want to get the root directory of your yii2 project use, assuming that the name of your project is project_app you'll need to use:

echo Yii::getAlias('@app');

on windows you'd see "C:\dir\to\project_app"

on linux you'll get "/var/www/dir/to/your/project_app"

I was formally using:

echo Yii::getAlias('@webroot').'/..';

I hope this helps someone


To get the base URL you can use this (would return "http:// localhost/yiistore2/upload")


The following Code would return just "localhost/yiistore2/upload" without http[s]://


Or you could get the webroot path (would return "d:\wamp\www\yii2store")

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    I have already try these methods, they are no longer available in yii2.
    – Tousif Ali
    Apr 18, 2014 at 16:39
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    in yii2: Yii::$app->getUrlManager()->getBasseUrl()
    – d.raev
    Nov 21, 2014 at 16:07
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    for Yii2 you can get the base path with Yii::$app->basePath
    – d.raev
    Feb 18, 2015 at 15:41
  • still does not answer the question how to get the baseUrl like so: localhost Yii::$app->basePath will give something like: /Users/xxx/src/yii2-app
    – Picrasma
    Mar 6, 2018 at 23:16

Open below file C:\xampp\htdocs\project\common\config\params-local.php

Before your code:


return [


after your code:

yii::setAlias('@path1', 'localhost/foodbam/backend/web');

return [


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