I have a Cordova app with a splashscreen at start. The splashscreen is shown but it's distorted. It seems to don't take the good resolution.

My splash is a Bitmap image, I don't care if its cropped but I don't want it to be distorted.

I have the following structure with splashscreen at differents size according to the doc:

  splash.png   // 960 x 720px
  splash.png   // 640 x 480px
  splash.png   // 470 x 320px
  splash.png   // 426 x 320px

Is it a Cordova bug? Did I miss something?

I tested with few devices like Galaxy s3 mini, HTC but I got the samed problem on each device.

It works well in iOs.

I used cordova 3.3 and upgraded it recently to 3.4 but got the problem still persist.


In my case, adding

<preference name="SplashMaintainAspectRatio" value="true" />

to config.xml solved the distortion problem for me.

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  • I'm creating an android app using react native and there is no config.xml available, could you suggest how can i add preference? I have AndroidManifest.xml file, can i add the preference over there? – Mohit Pandey May 18 '17 at 14:11

I've just changed the sizes to:

xlarge (xhdpi): 720 x 1280
large (hdpi): 480 x 800
medium (mdpi): 320 x 480
small (ldpi): 200 x 320

And it works perfectly

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