I have submitted the sitemap for my website more than two weeks ago.

Altogether there are 12 pages in the site map. Under crawls- sitemaps, in google webmaster tools there is 12 submitted and 7 indexed shown, but if I go to google index- index status it shows 0 indexed, and no content keywords data showing.

Do I need to re-submit the sitemap or need to make any changes, my sitemap is accessible on the following location.

  • Submitting a sitemap does not guarantee inclusion in Googe's index – John Conde Apr 18 '14 at 20:16
  • i am not too sure john what you mean by off topic because topic is google seo – GROVER_SYAAN Apr 18 '14 at 20:18

Write this:


in Google.com to check the number of pages indexed by Google (the fresh index).

P.S. The result of the above mentioned query does show that 10 of your site's pages have been indexed indeed.


I checked your sitemap, it's right.

Google does not guarantee that index your sitemap links.

sometimes number of indexes are not correct, specially when the website is small. best thing you can do and yet the correct way is to google this to make sure how many of your pages are indexed and how:


at this time 10 pages of your website are already indexed.

tip: make sure you add both trialsgate.com and www.trialsgate.com to google webmaster.


i have same experience as per your question but that time i have started strong marketing means social media, bookmarking, guest blogging from high DA sites with proper linking.

after doing this, site will crawl automatically within 1 week.

try this may be this is your answer.

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