I am studying the Okapi BMS25 model. I understand everything but two confusion. While calculating document length (dl) and average document length (avdl). I found the document length is

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So it is a summation of my keywords/terms in a particular document. But when I see wiki's def:

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So |D| is the length of the document D in words (i.e. is summation of total words count). Now, the question what is dl actually?

Now, second question how to calculate avdl? (just calculating (doc1+doc2+...N)/N where N is my total no documents in collection? (and avdl is fixed for whole collection?)

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According the Joaquín Pérez-Iglesias in Integrating the Probabilistic Model BM25/BM25F into Lucene, the score function R should be defined as followed :

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such as

  • occurs_t^d is the term frequency of t in d,
  • l_d is the document d length.
  • avl_d is the document average length along the collection
  • k_1 is a free parameter usually 2 and b in [0,1] (usually 0.75).

Assigning 0 to b is equivalent to avoid the process of normalisation and therefore the document length will not affect the final score.

If b takes 1, we will be carrying out a full length normalisation.

enter image description here

where N is the number of document in the collection and df is the number of documents where appears the term t.

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    Really nice when someone takes the time to explain the maths. Cheers
    – Josh Peak
    Commented May 29, 2014 at 23:16
  • Where does the idf(t) gets accounted in the R(q,d) formula? Where does it get used?
    – PaulSchell
    Commented Aug 8, 2015 at 20:00

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