I have a J2EE Struts app deployed on Weblogic 10.3. When clicking on one of the link it throws "Error 404--Not Found" however the same link works fine when the app is deployed on Weblogic 8.1. I have checked there is no change in the JSP code recently and JSP is copied correctly in the application directory. Please advise what I am missing here ?

EDIT: The error was resolved when changed below code

document.someForm.action="/somePath/someFile.jsp";  // code 1


document.someForm.action="/somePath/SomeFile.jsp";  //code 2    

Note that I initcapped the jsp name as I have the jsp as Somefile.jsp. Now I don't understand why code 1 works in weblogic 8 and not Weblogic 10. What are the things should I consider when dealing with such case sensitive issues ?


OKay here is the deal. It looks like Webapp URL are case insensitive in Weblogic 8 and case sensitive in Weblogic 10 by default. However good news is that we can manage this feature from Weblogic console. I toggled the below parameter to 'os' and my app started working fine without any other changes.

Console->Domain->Security->General-> Advanced-> Web App Files Case Insensitive:

This thread helped me finding out the solution.

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