I've tried googling, and so far the closest answer is this one: Android Studio is driving me nuts

However, it's not really a keyboard shortcut, and besides, the "Project Pane" isn't always visible. (If anyone knows how to make it permanently visible, please tell me.)

What I do is search "Project" on the quick search bar, click on it to make it appear, and then switch to Package Explorer.


Alt+1 toggles the pane in question - not sure though if there is a short cut to toggle between project and packages there

  • This drove me nuts for close to half an hour.Thanks – rahulinaction Mar 9 '15 at 19:02
  • I use AS 3.0.1 on win 7, alt 1 does nothing. I see empty window, but my App opened – Timo Jan 7 '18 at 14:41

Simply clicking "Project" on the left-hand toolbar works for me.


I have created my shortcut key for Project Explorer in my Android Studio by following steps:

1) Go to Window -> Preferences,

2) On the left pane Select General,

3) Inside General tab click on Keys option,

4) Now at right side select Show View(Package Explorer) after scrolling the list

5) After clicking on Show View(Package Explorer) there is an option below called Binding. Click on that, edit the text and press Ctrl+`(tilde sign) (this is a shortcut key for Project Explorer. You can also create your own.).

Now whenever you want to show project explorer, just press Ctrl+`.

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    Sorry, there's no Preferences in my Window menu. I tried quick searching Preferences, but couldn't find it. I'm using AS 5.5 btw, sorry I forgot to mention it. – lemuel Apr 19 '14 at 12:25

I normally use cmd + 2 and I press 3 times, that way I can toggle between the project file structure and the actual files without closing the pane. That's for mac, as for windows I would think you could use the equal toggle shortcut which I believe is alt + 2.

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