the button and text box haven't been added dynamically.

I have a movieclip with the instance name slot1.

Inside slot1 I have a button called newBtn1.

Inside new Btn1 I have a dynamic text box with the name text 1.

slot1.newBtn1.text1.text = "Button";

//this code gives me an error

                    slot1.newBtn1.text1.text = "New Game";
                catch (err:Error) 
                slot1.newBtn1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, chooceCharacter)

this is the error below

ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property text1 not found on flash.display.SimpleButton and there is no default value.

This would work in As2 I am quite sure, but As3 is strict.

I'm using Flash CC and Flash Develop to code btw.


The Short Version

If the TextField is the only thing in your button then

TextField (slot1.newBtn1.upState).text = "New Game";

The Long Version

You cannot access the TextField that way because a SimpleButton is not a dynamic class like a MovieClip. You can have a read at Dynamic classes in Flash. Let's say you have a object with the instance name "myobj" and you add this object to both a MovieClip and a Sprite. Here is how you might access each object.

MovieClip is dynamic

Sprite is not dynamic
mysprite.getChildByName ("myobj");

Another thing is that the SimpleButton is not a DisplayObjectContainer like the Flash IDE would lead you to believe. It has the properties upState overState downState hitTestState that are used to display the button. So when you draw something in the Up frame of a button in the IDE, the upState property will be set to a Shape instance. If you place a MovieClip in the Up frame, the upState will be that MovieClip, and so on.

So if you want to get to the object, you have to do so through the state properties. In your case you have a TextField in the Up frame so you must access it this way

slot1.newBtn1.upState;  //this will return a DisplayObject
TextField (slot1.newBtn1.upState);  //this will cast it so you can use it
  • Beautiful answer, short and long, many thanks! :D I have learnt something valuable, and thank you for the link you have posted. Further reading! – Moynul Apr 20 '14 at 3:49

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