I am trying to get where the =LARGE formula got the figure from, so that I can then grab the cells to the right of it.

Basically I have a list of 100 scores, with hits and golds and the persons name next to it.

I am using =LARGE(A1:A100,1) to get the highest number, but then I am wanting to know how I can find the cell its got it from, so I can then get the 3 cells to the right of it.

So for example, if the highest figure is in A10 say, how can I find this out from the LARGE formula?



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You can use MATCH() to find the row:


Or you can use VLOOKUP() to both find the value and retrieve its companion cell

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  • Hi, I have tried this, but all its coming up with is the number 2, the highest number at the moment is in A4. – Doomie Apr 20 '14 at 10:12

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