Where I work we use a postgres database (8.3 soon to migrate to 8.4). There is a small debate currently on the use of enums in the database. Personally I do not like the db enum type. Among other things it puts application logic in the database and creates a posibility for a mismatch between code and data.

I was wondering what exactly are the advantages of postgres enums (besides readablity) and what are the disadvatages?


The advantages of enums are:

  • Performance is better. You can just display what you get out of the core table instead of either having a separate lookup table that translates a code to a value or having app logic that translates a code to a value. This can be especially useful in datawarehouse applications.
  • Ad hoc SQL is easier to write

The disadvantages are:

  • Encoding display values into your database ddl is bad form. If you translate the enum value into a different display value in your app code, then you lost a lot of the advantages of using enums.
  • Adding values requires DDL changes
  • Makes language localization difficult
  • Database portability is decreased
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    If you're defining values that control will modify the behaviour of your application, then surely "Adding values requires DDL changes" is an advantage? Otherwise you're increasing the risk of apparently innocuous database operations breaking your application. – thsutton Jul 15 '11 at 2:57

Enums combine the advantages of ints with the advantages of strings: they are small and fast like ints, readable like strings, and have the additional advantage of being safe (you can't mis-spell an enum).

However, if you don't care about readability, an int is as good as an enum.


As advantage you have also DB checking, that nothing else enum value couldn't be recorded in column. The big disadvantage for me was, that enum could be modified only by adding value to the end, but since Postgres 9.1 it is in the past: https://stackoverflow.com/a/7834949/548473


Point is, if applications are allowed to do DDL, they are more likely to cause blocking or conflict. DDL is best done offline i.e. in single-user mode.

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