MiniBlog is awesome. I want to incorporate it into my existing Web Application.

The existing ASP.NET MVC Web Application

  • is hosted in a Windows Azure Website,
  • has its application structure in this GitHub repo, and
  • is live at bigfont.ca.

My fork of MiniBlog is an ASP.NET Razor Web Site and

I would like to integrate the Web Site into the Web Application so that:

  1. the url for the blog is bigfont.ca/blog,
  2. blog content sits in the existing web app content area (see image below),
  3. the web application and MiniBlog web site have clear separation,
  4. it basically looks like this:

Blog Integrated into Web Application

My implementation ideas include:

  1. use an iFrame to include the MiniBlog in the existing web app
  2. create an MVC.NET view that represents the blog
  3. put the MiniBlog into its own MVC Area

Basically, I would like to keep the MiniBlog as an independent and interchangeable component of the Web Application.

For instance, the Orchard CMS does this by making ASP.NET Projects into separate modules.

What strategy, if any, exists for making an ASP.NET Web Site a module within an ASP.NET Web Application?


I ended up using an ASP.NET MVC Area. I used this general approach.

  1. Create a new MVC.NET area called MiniBlog.
  2. Copy-and-paste the necessary MiniBlog components one at a time into the new Area.
  3. Edit the Web.config as necessary.
  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 until complete.

It was quite tricky. The final solution lacked a clear separation between MiniBlog and the rest of the MVC.NET website. I wasn't satisfied with the solution. It might be that ASP.NET Web Pages and ASP.NET MVC aren't meant to work together in this way.

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    Care to run us through the process? Any gotchas or was it plain sailing? – Steve Woods Apr 28 '14 at 21:56

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