I have OAB file with me.Now i want to programatically read it's content using c#. Can anyone suggest me some APIs which can be used to read OAB files. And related information of them.

Note: Not reading OAB file form Outlook or Exchange Server (I don't want to read OAB from Exchange or Outlook.)


I am manually copying this file from exchange server on my PC.And now i want to read this OAB (offline Address Book). I don't want my application to read OAB files from Exchange or Outlook. I want my application to just allow user to browse OAB file saved on his machine and now read this file.

Hope now it is clear :(

  • What are OAB files that are not from Outlook or Exchange? Where are they from?
    – Oded
    Feb 23, 2010 at 14:04
  • I made Changes in question.Hope now it is clear.
    – Preeti
    Feb 23, 2010 at 14:07
  • It's not clear. What application is generating these OAB files? Where are they coming from. Feb 23, 2010 at 14:15
  • Is that the OAuthBase reference???
    – IAbstract
    Feb 23, 2010 at 14:16
  • I made changes again in my post.Hope now i am able to explain :(
    – Preeti
    Feb 23, 2010 at 14:43

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I'm not aware of any API doing this, but you can write your own interface using the Microsoft specification for OAB files.

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