Is it possible to define an array to hold math operators [+ - * /] in Matlab?

I have an array of numbers [1 1 1 1], i.e. 4 digits. I would like to go over all possible digit combinations, changing the numbers in the array in a loop, and all mathematical operations between them (preferably changed within a loop as well), to see all the possible ways to get the number '24' with basic math operations from four digits.

I thought this might be written in only a few lines code, if it is possible to define such an array of operators in some sort.

Is it ?
Any other way to do that ?


You can define a cell array of function handles like this (see help plus, help minus, or even
help /, etc.):

operators = {@plus,@minus,@times,@rdivide};

Then, e.g., operators{1}(array(1),array(3)) will add the first and third element of your array. There are more pieces to solving your problem. You may want to use perms, for example.

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