I'm using the application event log to write messages about activity happening in my program. I set the source to the name of my app. I would like to offer the user the ability to clear just the events related to my program. Is this possible? I only see a way to clear the whole log.

I'm using c# in .NET 2.0.

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It is not possible to clear specific events from an Event log. It's clear all events or nothing.


This is a piece of code from MSDN library see if this is what your looking for.

  string logName;

    if (EventLog.SourceExists("MySource"))
        // Find the log associated with this source.    
        logName = EventLog.LogNameFromSourceName("MySource", ".");
        // Make sure the source is in the log we believe it to be in. 
        if (logName != "MyLog")
        // Delete the source and the log.

        Console.WriteLine(logName + " deleted.");
        // Create the event source to make next try successful.
        EventLog.CreateEventSource("MySource", "MyLog");

Also what worked for me was creating an Event Source for my application using

 if (!EventLog.SourceExists(source))
            EventLog.CreateEventSource(source, additional);

and logging all the details in there using

 EventLog.WriteEntry(Source, error, EventLogEntryType.Error);

and then when i want to clear my logs i use

 EventLog myEventLog = new EventLog(Constants.EventSource);

This will clear only the logs you've logged under your source. Hope it helps :)

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