Is there a way to get a column from a TableView by name?

When I need to get a column I have to get it by index:


but I would like to get the column by name:

tableView.getColumns().get("Column Name");

It's hard to envision a situation in which you couldn't just keep references to your columns, but you can always write a method like

private <T> TableColumn<T, ?> getTableColumnByName(TableView<T> tableView, String name) {
    for (TableColumn<T, ?> col : tableView.getColumns())
        if (col.getText().equals(name)) return col ;
    return null ;
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  • Yes, I could keep references to columns in a HashMap, but I was wondering if there was something in the API to get them by name. – ceklock Apr 21 '14 at 0:55
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    No, nothing in the API. I suspect it's just not a common enough use case; in the vast majority of cases the columns are completely static, so you would have actual named references and not even the need for a Map. – James_D Apr 21 '14 at 1:03

Another way of getting the column name or title is setting an ID to the column and retrieve it when necessary:

  private String col_ID = "Customer";
  private TableColumn col = new TableColumn (col_ID);

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Working on a project and facing the same issue


TableColumn nameOfTableColumn;

if you pass in nameofTableColumn.getText(), you will return the name of the column (nameOfTableColumn in this case). Add this code accordingly and set a breakpoint on the same line. Step into and hit the +bar over the name of your respective column: one of the exposed fields will give you the value for the column which again, in this case will be "nameOfTableColumn".

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