I have honed my website to work fine on my localhost, but I am having trouble on my live server. When I declare variables in my views, and try to use them, I am getting js or php errors (depending on where I declare and use the variable). Here are the examples:

In js, I declare a php variable like so:

//in javascript

<? $id = Session::get('redirected_id'); ?>

Basically if I send a variable with the redirect to the view, I want this modal to appear. When I run this on localhost, all of the js works fine. When I run this on my live server, I get the error:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < 

in reference to <? $id = Session::get('redirected_id'); ?>

On another note, I am getting php errors on my live server when I declare a variable in the html portion, and then use it as an "offset" variable. For example:

<? $offset=0; ?>
@foreach($artists_near as $artist)

@if($offset%4==0 && $offset > 0)
<article class="MusicianCol clearfix fadeMusicBox" style="display:none;">

It is complaining at the line:

@if($offset%4==0 && $offset > 0)


Undefined variable: offset

This is strange because I am seeing no errors on the localhost. I am using the same declarations for jquery, etc.. on the pages using the blade syntax, so I should be including the same files. Any ideas?


Your production environment has the short_open_tag setting disabled. For full compatibility its recommended that you do not turn it on and instance use the full php tag <?php instead of <?

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