I'm making a chrome extension for a site which provides api to check if user is signed in or not. The api is for a GET request. So when i'm, not singed in it gives.

{ status: "ok", authenticated: false}

When i'm signed in it gives me

{status : "ok", authenticated: true, id: 123}

This works fine on browser, chrome extensions like Postman and advanced Rest Client. But when i use it in my chrome extension background it always says i'm not a authenticated user. I figured out that the ajax call i make does not send cookies for the domain, but the chrome extension like Postman or Advanced REST client do send cookies along with XHR request.

Any idea how can i make ajax to send cookies along with it.

here is my ajax call from chrome extension

    //  xhrFields: {
       //   withCredentials: true
       // },
       // crossDomain: true,
        success: function(result){
    error: function(err){
      alert("unable to authenticate user "+JSON.stringify(err))


I'm able to get the domain cookies details from the background script. Now i'm looking how i can send the cookies with the ajax call?

  • Did you ever get an answer for this? – Samuel Oct 18 '18 at 8:28
  • @Samuel - Same question to you too. Any response would be appreciated. Thanks – PythonEnthusiast May 29 at 20:45

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