I am trying to query using CURL command in ElasticSearch in windows platform.

Ex: localhost:9200/playground/equipment/1?pretty

I am getting an error saying CURL is not recognized as an internal or external command

Please help me understanding the issue.


If you have already installed curl, add the directory where it's installed to the windows path:

Windows Vista and Windows 7 users

1 - From the Desktop, right-click My Computer and click Properties.
2 - Click Advanced System Settings link in the left column.
3 - In the System Properties window click the Environment Variables button.
4 - Select Path and click Edit.
5 - Append ;c:\path to curl directory at the end.
5 - Click OK.
6 - Close and re-open the command prompt

How to set the path and environment variables in Windows



I would not recommend using cURL on windows for elasticsearch.

You should definitely better use any REST tool like Post MAN or REST Console. If you want autocompletion, you should use Marvel.

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