I am using the brilliant selectize.js library to generate an attractive select box with option groups. It is all working but I am stuck at the point that I cannot use the custom renderer from the examples page (Email contacts) http://brianreavis.github.io/selectize.js/ because "item" does not know of the "email" attribute. I know how to do this in javascript, but how could I define the two attributes in static html?

In js, this woulde be

  options: [
    { name: "Martin", email: "martin@asdf.at" }

I tried the following:

  <option value="Martin|martin@asdf.at" data-name="Martin" data-email="martin@asdf.at">

But this is not working... Finally the render function taken from the examples:

render: {
    item: function(item, escape) {
        return '<div>' +
            (item.name ? '<span class="name">' + escape(item.name) + '</span>' : '') +
            (item.email ? '<span class="email">' + escape(item.email) + '</span>' : '') +
    option: function(item, escape) {
        var label = item.name || item.email;
        var caption = item.name ? item.email : null;
        return '<div>' +
            '<span class="label">' + escape(label) + '</span>' +
            (caption ? '<span class="caption">' + escape(caption) + '</span>' : '') +

I would be thankful for any hints!

Regards, Martin

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    Have you handled this issue? I actually want to display custom items but don't want to use ajax to get the data. Just want to do it with static HTML somehow
    – Victor
    Mar 6 '15 at 12:14
  • Hi there. Did you solve it ? I'm kind of the same ship.
    – wviana
    Sep 10 '15 at 14:08

Use this example:

var clearhack = $('.selectized').selectize({
    valueField: 'id',
    labelField: 'name',
    searchField: ['name'],
    sortField: 'score',//this is set to 'name' on my version, but seems sortField is only used together with load-function and score-function
    sortDirection: 'desc',
    maxItems: 1,
    //only using options-value in jsfiddle - real world it's using the load-function
    options: [
        {"id":1065,"name":"Jorge Carlson","score":6},
        {"id":389,"name":"Ann Jennifer","score":3},
        {"id":859,"name":"Bobby Jenkins","score":3},
        {"id":264,"name":"Peter Jenkins","score":3},
    create: false,
    render: {
        option: function(item, escape) {
            return '<div>'
            + '<span>ID:'+item.id+'</span> '
            + '<span>Name:'+item.name+'</span> '
            + '<span>DEBUG:'+item.score+'</span>'
            + '</div>';
    score: function(search) {
        return function(item) {
            return parseInt(item.score);
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    This does not answer the question
    – Sloganho
    Sep 7 '16 at 21:22
  • Question is how to do this using static HTML
    – Manpreet
    Apr 16 '20 at 2:41

Not sure if this will help as it's super late - but I used the following method to get captions under my select options:

html options like:

<option data-data='<?php echo json_encode($obj, JSON_FORCE_OBJECT) ?>' value="<?php echo $obj->id ?>"><?php echo $obj->name ?></option>

and then selectize code:

  valueField: 'id',
  labelField: 'name',
  searchField: ['name'],
  render: {
    option: function(item, escape) {
      var label = item.name;
      var caption = item.description;
      return '<div>' +
      '<span style="display: block; color: black; font-size: 14px;">' + escape(label) + '</span>' +
      (caption ? '<span style="display: block; color: gray; font-size: 12px;">' + escape(caption) + '</span>' : '') +

Haven't read a lot of the docs but this will work for $obj such as:

{ 'id': '1', 'name': 'fred', 'description': 'fred person'}

Just add more attributes and reference them in your render option function.

It seems selectize reads json from a data-data attribute to populate these, but I believe you can change what attribute it reads json from by passing a dataAttr option in the initialize.

  • But how to find the option tag attributes inside render ?
    – wviana
    Sep 10 '15 at 14:11

I had the same problem couple minutes ago. I've add little code to selectize.js

In function init_select and next addOption after default code, I've add:

    /// iterate on data attr on <option>
    $.each($option.data(), function(i, v) {
       option[i] = v;

Paste this code below original lines:

var option             = readData($option) || {};
option[field_label]    = option[field_label] || $option.text();
option[field_value]    = option[field_value] || value;
option[field_optgroup] = option[field_optgroup] || group;

After this my render method in selectize works fine with static data attributes :)

  • this seems like a smart approach to solve a commonly discussed Selectize issue... think you can elaborate on this solution a bit? Feb 3 '18 at 4:45
  • @JeffSolomon what do you mean? :) do you mean the extension of selectize? This is old answer maybe problem is solved out of the box right now
    – robertw
    Feb 8 '18 at 7:53

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