1. I want to run an Application at system startup.
  2. I know it will run under Session 0.
  3. I want System-Wide (works for All Users) Hotkey
  4. This Hotkey Shows/Hides a GUI that is populated by the Application
  5. As an example, Deepfreeze by Faronics does this exact thing. It runs under Session 0 and no matter which user you log in as you can press CTRL ALT SHIFT F6 and bring up a GUI. I know Deepfreeze is not .NET just fyi.

Who among you knows how to replicate this scenario?


You need to have two processes, this is how system services operate. The first process is the service itself. The second process is the GUI and it is started when a user logs in to Windows. Then these two processes communicate using named pipes or any other inter process communication means.

I recommend you to read a few chapters of any book devoted to services programming, because this is very basic information you find there.

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