I am trying to perform an insert with EF 6.

I have verified I have a connection to the database, because I can do a read:

List<Driver> drivers = DataContext.Drivers.ToList();

With a sql profiler, I can see this do a select on the database, and it returns an item I manually inserted.

I am trying to perform an insert like this:

var driver = new Driver();
driver.DriverName = "Blah";
DataContext.ChangeTracker.HasChanges(); //false

except nothing is inserted, and the changetracker seems to show that it has not detected any changes. I also saw suggestions to use .Attach but this had the same results.

Any help on what I am doing wrong?



 public partial class MyEntities : DbContext
        public MyEntities()
            : base("name=MyEntities")

public partial class MyDataContext : MyEntities

public class SqlDataService : DataServiceBase<...Data.MyDataContext>

//where I am trying to do the insert with the code above

edit: No not using code first (not that i'm aware of!) not sure if the above code samples help, but show how I have set up my classes

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    Do you use code first? If so please provide your Context-Class – boindiil Apr 23 '14 at 8:07
  • What else do you do in MyDataContext? Normally, adding an item to a DbSet should cause a change in the change tracker. It looks like other modifications you did prevent this. – Gert Arnold Apr 23 '14 at 8:39

It seems you have AutomaticTrackChanges turned off somewhere in your code. Try adding this line before the addition:

var driver = new Driver();
driver.DriverName = "Blah";
//Turning Automatic changes tracking on:
DataContext.Configuration.AutoDetectChangesEnabled = true;
DataContext.ChangeTracker.HasChanges(); //True

Note: AutoDetectChangesEnabled is usually turned off for performance considerations

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