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I have an .NET EXE file . I want to find the file created date and modified date in C# application. Can do it through reflection or with IO stream?

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You could use below code:

DateTime creation = File.GetCreationTime(@"C:\test.txt");
DateTime modification = File.GetLastWriteTime(@"C:\test.txt");
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    if i want to know the same thing with file bytes. how could it be? – Zaheer Ul Hassan Oct 17 '17 at 7:50
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    Note--if it comes back with a minimum date it's probably because the file doesn't exist/invalid path, etc. (It doesn't throw an exception) – Jeff Jul 4 at 18:15

You can do that using FileInfo class:

FileInfo fi = new FileInfo("path");
var created = fi.CreationTime;
var lastmodified = fi.LastWriteTime;

File.GetLastWriteTime to Get last modified

File.CreationTime to get Created time


Use :

FileInfo fInfo = new FileInfo('FilePath');
var fFirstTime = fInfo.CreationTime;
var fLastTime = fInfo.LastWriteTime;
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  • The SystemIO class – stuicidle Jun 27 '18 at 12:48

File.GetLastWriteTime Method

Returns the date and time the specified file or directory was last written to.

string path = @"c:\Temp\MyTest.txt";
DateTime dt = File.GetLastWriteTime(path);

For create time File.GetCreationTime Method

DateTime fileCreatedDate = File.GetCreationTime(@"C:\Example\MyTest.txt");
Console.WriteLine("file created: " + fileCreatedDate);

You can use this code to see the last modified date of a file.

DateTime dt = File.GetLastWriteTime(path);

And this code to see the creation time.

DateTime fileCreatedDate = File.GetCreationTime(@"C:\Example\MyTest.txt");

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