I am going to work on a project that involves Paypal function. My question what kind of account do I need to do the test? Do I need merchant account?

And if you also have a good reference site please share it here.



You will need both. The merchant/seller account is needed as the payment receiver. Buyer account is needed to do payment to seller.

PayPal have a complete documentation, see it all here. Important documentation to help you start quickly:

  1. PayPal Sandbox documentation.
  2. IPN Introduction.
  3. HTML Form Basics for Website Payments Standard
  4. Sample Code

If you using PHP, you might want to consider using this library to help you integrate PayPal Website Payment Standard easily.


What you need depends on how you're integrating, but in general it's useful to have both a buyer and merchant account. Signing up for both is very easy on developer.paypal.com so it shouldn't be a problem setting up as many buyer/seller sandbox accounts as you need.


You can check/ read all about paypal integration on the following link.


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