Looking at the funnel plot examples, on the metafor page - it seems there is a way to add labels to the funnel plot. The funnel plot page provides more details, but it does not list an example for adding labels.

The example provided:

    res=92, width=680, height=600, type="cairo")
res <- rma(ai=tpos, bi=tneg, ci=cpos, di=cneg, data=dat.bcg, measure="RR",
           slab=paste(author, year, sep=", "), method="REML")
funnel(res, level=c(90, 95, 99), shade=c("white", "gray", "darkgray"), refline=0)

Includes a labels field, but none are generated in the example. How might I add labels to the funnel plot?

Looking here, it seems that using pch might be an alternative. Something along the lines of:

pch=paste(StudyName, StudyMeasure, sep=", ")

but that just produces one letter dots. .


When browsing the sources of rma() and funnel.rma() (from version 1.9-2 of metafor), I cannot find any specific provisions in there for putting labels into the funnel plots. To draw your own labels, however, the positions appear to be in principle reproducible from the rma-object, so one might build on these numbers without having to recalculate everything. This approach will of course at least hinge on the chosen value of the yaxis-parameter, but by default sqrt(vi) ~ yi appears to work:

# ...
funnel(res, level=c(90, 95, 99), shade=c("white", "gray", "darkgray"), refline=0)

Sometimes the graphical appearance may then of course suck as overlapping labels become unreadable.

Alternatively you might attempt to assign meaningful pch-values yourself (which should normally be integers), and try to explain these with a legend:

alloc.factor <- factor(dat.bcg$alloc) 
funnel(res, level=c(90, 95, 99), shade=c("white", "gray", "darkgray"), refline=0,

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