I pulled down the sources and build/published it locally. I want to debug into sources jars. When I publish it locally, I clearly see it also publishes source jars.

[info]  published securesocial-testkit_2.10 to local\ws.securesocial\securesocial-testkit_2.10\master-SNAPSHOT\srcs\securesocial-testkit_2.10-sources.jar

I don't know how to reference this jar.

Changing "ws.securesocial" %% "securesocial" % "master-SNAPSHOT" to "ws.securesocial" %% "securesocial" % "master-SNAPSHOT-sources" doesn't work.

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Add withSources() to the dependency definition.

From Download Sources in the official documentation of sbt:

Downloading source and API documentation jars is usually handled by an IDE plugin. These plugins use the updateClassifiers and updateSbtClassifiers tasks, which produce an Update Report referencing these jars.

To have sbt download the dependency's sources without using an IDE plugin, add withSources() to the dependency definition. For API jars, add withJavadoc(). For example:

libraryDependencies += "org.apache.felix" % "org.apache.felix.framework" % "1.8.0" withSources() withJavadoc()

Note that this is not transitive. Use the update-*classifiers tasks for that.


You can also run sbt update-classifiers to download sources and javadoc jars for all project dependencies at once

For sbt 1.0, command is sbt updateClassifiers

  • Update: Moot point. The Ensime SBT plugin does acquire sources when they are available. Warnings are given for Maven resources without sources available. Commented Jun 9, 2017 at 17:39

For me, it worked better with

sbt ';reload plugins; updateClassifiers'

if you are using the eclipse ide backed with the sbt eclipse plugin, the sbt command is:

eclipse with-source=true

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