Within a localy cloned git repository i can watch the history with

git log

In a small tool i do only need the history of a repository, not the code. Is there a way to clone a repository without the code (history only) ?

Is there any other way to get the history only from a git repository.

Thanks in advance


Clone the repository with the --bare flag:

git clone --bare ...

A "bare" repository in Git just contains the version control information and no working files (no tree) and it doesn't contain the special .git sub-directory. Instead, it contains all the contents of the .git sub-directory directly in the main directory itself.

Read more in the documentation on it, or this helpfull page about setting up server environments using the option.

  • Bare repos are also useful if you want to have a centralized location to push and pull from, but that you will not be developing in. – Mad Physicist Apr 23 '14 at 19:30

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