I'm trying to use multiple 'Like' to look for matches in more than one column.

PHP & mysql:

$area = $this->session->userdata('area');
if($area == 'inbox'){

   $this->db->where('receiver_deleted !=','yes');

   }elseif($area == 'sent'){
   $this->db->where('sender_deleted !=','yes');


$this->db->join('users','users.username = messages.sender','inner');

$sql = $this->db->get();

if($sql->num_rows > 0){

 return $sql->result();

 echo "failed!";

I've also tried:


the first one nothing happens. The second one only one is executed, in this case the first like. I cannot get both to work at the same time.

Any help will be appreciated, Mike

  • Show your raw sql query that you need to get it working using active record – M Khalid Junaid Apr 23 '14 at 20:16

or_like will produce an OR between the two likes. You can pass an array to like to put multiple with an AND between them.

Have you tried doing:

$this->db->like(array('sender' => $k, 'msg' => $k));
  • It works but now it created another problem. The where clauses are being ignored. I edited the question to add the where clauses. – Mike Spider Apr 23 '14 at 20:38

This will search multiple column with OR in between

$this->db->or_like(array('sender' => $k, 'msg' => $k));/* LIKE OR LIKE */

Use this:


and you will get exact you want.


You could do something like this:


I have the same problem and it worked.

  • This didn't answered the question – Norielle Cruz Oct 5 '18 at 7:56

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