I'm trying to develop a web api self hosting app using OWIN. In my own XyzStartup class, I need an external argument: contentFolderPath.

However, I didn't find a way to pass this argument. Here is my code below:

var contentFolderPath = this.TextBox.Text; // user input

var startOptions = new StartOptions();


My startup

public class XyzStartup
     XyzStartup(string contentFolderPath) {  ...  }

I noticed there is a StartOption class, but don't how to use it. Can I use it in my XyzStartup class?

Thanks in advance!

I finally find a way to do this:

var startOptions = new StartOptions();
startOptions.Urls.Add('..some url ..');

WebApp.Start(startOptions, (appBuilder)=>{
    new XyzStartup(contentFolderPath).Configuration(appBuilder);

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If you want to pass parameter to StartUp class, you can use Action<IAppBuilder> in WebApp.Start like Cillié Malan mentioned in the comment instead of launching with Type parameter(WebApp.Start<T>)

Here is a concrete example for self-hosting:

object someThingYouWantToAccess;
var server = WebApp.Start("http://localhost:8080/", (appBuilder) =>
    // You can access someThingYouWantToAccess here

    // Configure Web API for self-host.
    HttpConfiguration config = new HttpConfiguration();
        name: "DefaultApi",
        routeTemplate: "api/{controller}/{id}",
        defaults: new { id = RouteParameter.Optional }

As far as I can tell, though it may have been possible before, it is not possible to pass parameters to the startup class.

However, when self hosting, I noticed that the startup class is created in the same thread that calls WebApp.Start. With this in mind I used a ThreadStatic field to pass information to the startup class (in my case I wanted to pass HttpConfiguration):

    public class Startup
        private HttpConfiguration _configuration;

        internal static HttpConfiguration _configurationHolder;

        public static HttpConfiguration CurrentConfiguration
            get { return _configurationHolder; }
            set { _configurationHolder = value; }

        public Startup()
            //get the configuration which is held in a threadstatic variable
            _configuration = _configurationHolder;

        public void Configuration(IAppBuilder appBuilder)
            //do stuff

And then elsewhere I have another method that starts the self-hosted site:

    public void Start(StartOptions startupOptions, HttpConfiguration configuration)
        Startup.CurrentConfiguration = configuration;
        _application = WebApp.Start<Startup>(startupOptions);
        Startup.CurrentConfiguration = null;
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    Also, I just noticed that there is an overload for WebApp.Start that accepts Action<IAppBuilder>, in which case you can just capture any parameters you might need. Jul 14, 2014 at 14:50

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