In my tests I create a fake application per test method:

public void startFakeApplication() {
    this.fakeApplication = fakeApplication();

public void killFakeApplication() {
    this.fakeApplication = null;

Some of the tests use functionality that checks if the request is secure or not:

public boolean isHttps() {
    Http.Request req = Controller.request();
    return req.getHeader("x-forwarded-proto") != null
            && req.getHeader("x-forwarded-proto").contains("https");

That fails saying:

There is no HTTP Context available from here

Which is pretty strange, since it's running on a fake app, why can't it know that and create a fake request?
Oh well, I found this: Play framework 2.2.1: Create Http.Context for tests which introduced me to the mocking approach, so I was eager to give it a go and try to mock the Http.Context in the same way, the problem is that I can't seem to find the mock method...

In that thread he's using import static org.mockito.Mockito.* (which is where I assume the mock method is located) but I don't have that package, org.mockito only has one sub package named internal and I can't find any mock method there.

In the official documentation of Play! the only place talking about it is the Scala Test section and they use: import org.specs2.mock._ but there too I wasn't able to locate this mock method.

I'm using Play 2.2.2 (java).
Any ideas? Thanks.


I solved the same problem adding to my build.sbt the library dependency of Mockito:

libraryDependencies += "org.mockito" % "mockito-core" % "1.10.19"

Then I run play compile and play eclipse and magically the mockito library became available after refreshing the whole project in Eclipse.

And yes, mock() is a method of org.mockito.Mockito.


I had the same problem of Play not locating the mock function, and eventually realised that I hadn't extended my test class with Mockito;

import org.specs2.mock._

class TestClass extends Specification with Mockito

Just thought I'd add this as it has taken me ages to resolve and the above solution didn't work for me ......may save someone some time :)

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