I am trying to delete the contents of an Exchange 2013 mailbox before today's date. It must be specific to the second I call the Get-Date cmdlet.

This code runs without error:

Search-Mailbox myID -SearchQuery Received:<Get-Date -DeleteContent -Force

When executing this, I see the search progress bar in PowerShell, except no data is found. I have triple checked the mailbox I am working with and it has data older than 4/24/14/ hh:mm:ss.

I have tried countless variations, an example being:

Search-Mailbox whism_j -SearchQuery "Received:<$((Get-Date).ToString("yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ"))" -DeleteContent -Force`

This command does not execute, as I get an The property keyword isn't supported error.


Why your code is not working:

Search-Mailbox myID -SearchQuery Received:<get-date -deleteContent -force

This doesn't work because get-date is parsed as a literal string; you're not interpolating the results of the Get-Date cmdlet. -SearchQuery is a string parameter, and PowerShell implicitly interprets arguments to string parameters as double-quoted strings. To interpolate the results of Get-Date, use -SearchQuery Received:<$(Get-Date).

Search-Mailbox whism_j -SearchQuery "Received:<$((get-date).toString("yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ"))" -deleteContent -force

This doesn't work because the date format isn't valid. You might infer that it should be based on the AQS documentation, but in fact the date in Search-Mailbox queries needs to be in a format that conforms to the Exchange server's regional settings.

How to do it:

You might be able to get away with simply interpolating the results of Get-Date:

Search-Mailbox id_attribute -SearchQuery "Received:<$(Get-Date)" -DeleteContent -Force

However, this will only work if the format used when a DateTime object is interpolated into a string, which is MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss, matches the regional format. To ensure that you're getting the right format, use Get-Culture to determine the right format string, and supply that to Get-Date's -Format parameter:

If you want to use today's date, you could use Get-Date and then convert it to a string as RickH suggested, but that's not necessary, because AQS support named relative dates, including today:

$format = (Get-Culture).DateTimeFormat.ShortDatePattern + ' ' + (Get-Culture).DateTimeFormat.LongTimePattern
Search-Mailbox myID -SearchQuery "Received:<$(Get-Date -Format $format)" -DeleteContent -Force

Note that, as implied by what I said above, the external double quotes aren't strictly necessary if the argument doesn't contain spaces that aren't within parentheses, but I think it's good practice to include them.

For completeness and the benefit of future searchers, it's worth mentioning that AQS also accepts named relative dates such as today, this week, or last month, so this should also work:

Search-Mailbox id_attribute -SearchQuery "Received:<today" -DeleteContent -Force

I didn't provide that as part of the answer because in a previous (deleted) version of the question the OP specifically asked how to search from messages before an exact time, and today is just the current date without a time.

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  • I appreciate your answer! Search-Mailbox id_attribute -SearchQuery "Received:<$(Get-Date)" -DeleteContent -Force this is giving me the same ol' keyword error, and not running. Search-Mailbox whism_j -SearchQuery "Received:<$(Get-Date -Format ((Get-culture).DateTimeFormat.ShortDatePattern))" -DeleteContent -Force this runs successfully, but finds no data. It seems as when I finally get something to run successfully, no data is produced. – Johnrad Apr 24 '14 at 19:20
  • I have come to the conclusion as of now that it does not like appending the Time on with the date. Search-Mailbox whism_j -SearchQuery "Received:<$(get-date -Format d)" -DeleteContent -Force this runs (while still not returning anything). Searching for a get-date -format G does not. It throws the keyword error. – Johnrad Apr 24 '14 at 19:33
  • 1. Try entering "Received:<$(Get-Date -Format ((Get-culture).DateTimeFormat.ShortDatePattern))" at the prompt by itself and tell me what results you get. 2. What happens if you try "Sent" instead of "Received"? 3. What do you mean when you say "no data is produced" or "not returning anything"? Do you mean you get a ResultItemsCount of 0, or no results at all? The latter shouldn't happen--you should get a result report even if nothing is found. – Adi Inbar Apr 24 '14 at 19:45
  • This may sound like a silly question, but it doesn't hurt to ask...if it's the former, are you 1000% sure there still is data in the mailbox? If you're using -DeleteContent, you'd only get a positive item count the first time, and 0 thereafter unless new items are added. Have you been checking the mailbox to make sure there's still data from before today in it? Maybe you didn't notice that the command succeed once, and that's why it's not finding anything more to delete. – Adi Inbar Apr 24 '14 at 19:46
  • Again, your help is awesome, thank you. Not a silly question, I have 7 items in this test mailbox that were put in there earlier this afternoon. When I simply run -deleteContent I get a positive ResultItemCount. I have re-populated the inbox of this mailbox. When trying to add a SearchQuery my ResultItemsCount and ResultItemsSize is 0. This is what I mean by "no data". If it makes it any easier, when I run a get-culture the LCID is 1033,` Name` is en-US and DisplayName is English (United States) – Johnrad Apr 24 '14 at 19:53

This was a top result when I was trying to do date range searches on Office 365 ( Exchange Online ) Adding the SearchQuery to find email older than a date, I was getting ResultItemsCount 0.

So here is what I eventually found through trial and error:

Recommend using the ISO dash-not-slash format: yyyy-mm-dd

VALID searches:

-SearchQuery Sent:2016-01-01..2018-01-01
-SearchQuery Sent<2016-01-01
-SearchQuery Sent<=2016-01-01

-SearchQuery "Received>=2016-01-01 AND Received<=2018-01-01"
-SearchQuery Received<2016-01-01
-SearchQuery Received<=2016-01-01

BROKEN searches:

-SearchQuery Received:2016-01-01..2018-01-01  #This style range only valid for Sent.
-SearchQuery Sent:<2016-01-01                 #Putting a : colon before < > less or greater than returns nothing.
-SearchQuery Recieved<2016-01-01              #i before e except after c, no errors for mispelt properties!
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  • 1
    Weird, but queries with ":<" in it do return some data occasionally. Hit this post while searching for why my queries don't work, and has a query like Received:>"2018-01-01" return me some messages. Not sure for the reason, still this means MS did a great job obscuring the KQL parser details. Upvoted for valid examples. – Vesper Jun 1 '18 at 9:33

I think the issue you are seeing is that your date string has whitespace in it, so it is interpreting it as another property to filter by. So it's reading:


which expands out to something like:

"Received:<2014-04-24 10:51:23-08"

It's seeing two properties here I believe, Received: and 10: because your date isn't enclosed in double quotes. This should work for you:

Search-Mailbox whism_j -SearchQuery Received:<"$((get-date -f "yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss").tostring())" -deleteContent -force

Edit: Sorry, my mistake, for some reason I thought T was a tab, but it just translates as the letter "T". Also, just the item to search for is enclosed in quotes, not the entire thing. Updated answer. Exchange should see the query as:


The time zone offset is optional, as all times are supposed to be in UTC. From Microsoft's MSDN page:

All date/time values must be specified according to the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), also known as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) time zone. The UTC time zone identifier (a trailing "Z" character) is optional.

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  • With that I am getting another the property keyword isn't supported. I totally understand what you are saying, but not sure why I see this error so often. I can't even put in a specific date like "4/24/2014" – Johnrad Apr 24 '14 at 18:02
  • It for some reason is not liking when I add the date and time...Received:<"2014-04-24T10:51:23" gives me the keyword error. When I remove the hh:mm:ss and just use Received:<"2014-04-24", it runs successfully but does not actually return anything. – Johnrad Apr 24 '14 at 19:06
  • Actually, the whitespace isn't a problem. AQS seems to be pretty intelligent in how it parses the queries, and from what I've seen only a space followed by a sequence of letters followed by : is interpreted as a new property. However, I've found that Search-Mailbox can't handle ISO-8601 date formats, and requires a format conforming with the regional settings. I have no problem searching with queries like -SearchQuery "Received:<24/04/2014 15:09:37 kind:Email". – Adi Inbar Apr 24 '14 at 19:14
  • To qualify that, the error message the OP posted, The property keyword isn't supported, does seem to imply that PowerShell is interpreting something as an invalid property name; the error I get for invalid date formats isPlease adjust the date time. Make sure it is in the correct format. or There is an unexpected character in the query. Please re-type the query and try again. However, he's probably tried so many things by now that I'm wondering if he might have mixed up which error message was for which command. With his code, I get the "unexpected character" error. – Adi Inbar Apr 24 '14 at 19:20
  • @AdiInbar I have never received any error aside from the property keyword error. But you are correct, I have tried what seems like dozens of different solutions. Without a searchQuery I can delete all content, when adding a searchQuery I get nothing. – Johnrad Apr 24 '14 at 19:23

I use this format and it works fine -SearchQuery "Received:> $(‘22/09/2014 02:15:00’) AND Received:< $(‘22/09/2014 03:15:00’)"

So this should work: Search-Mailbox whism_j -SearchQuery "Received:> $(‘22/09/2014 02:15:00’) AND Received:< $(‘22/09/2014 03:15:00’)" -deleteContent

If you want to search a date range without being specific to the second, it is much easier: Search-Mailbox whism_j -SearchQuery "Received:20/09/2014..23/09/2014" -deleteContent

Also, I have the issue with doing a Search-Mailbox with a SearchQuery and it doesn't find any results, but Search-Mailbox with NO SearchQuery shows the message. There are two things to check that seem to work. First, move the database to another server, then wait (minutes/hours/day?) then search again. Usually I can find the message. Next is to check if it's actually indexed with this command Get-FailedContentIndexDocuments test@test.com | where {$_.subject -match "some words"} |ft Subject, Description -AutoSize

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