Suppose i have a variable:

$var: 5px;

but somewhere in code its value have changed in to possible color, number, em, rm etc.

Is there any function to detect which type of value it has?


@if is-color($var) { //do something }

I know there is no is-color function in sass but are there other methods to do this or function?


From the Sass documentation:


Returns the type of a value.


type-of(100px)  => number
type-of(asdf)   => string
type-of("asdf") => string
type-of(true)   => bool
type-of(#fff)   => color
type-of(blue)   => color


(note that - and _ is interchangeable in Sass functions).

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    Also can be list, e.g.: type-of(10px 10px 0 1rem) => list – sospedra May 12 '15 at 7:50
  • @Deerloper Ok, that's nice, but I'm just quoting the documentation. – cimmanon May 12 '15 at 10:28
  • yup, I don't say it's bad, just adding more info that, btw, I've just discovered :P – sospedra May 12 '15 at 10:58

To be a little clearer, here's how you might use type-of:

@if type-of($my-variable) == string {
    /* do something */

In addition to the types shown in the docs, type-of will also return 'map' if passed a SASS map object:

$font-sizes: (
    small: rem-calc(18px),
    medium: rem-calc(20px),
    large: rem-calc(22px)

@if type-of($font-sizes) == map {
    /* do map-related thing */
} @else {
    /* do other thing */
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