So I have some time data such as follows:

10:45 PM
11:35 PM
12:06 AM
01:34 AM

All of these times are in America/Los_Angeles and each time is guaranteed to be after 09:00 PM in today in that timezone. So that times which are past midnight take place tomorrow.

Is there an elegant way to convert these times from the current format into moment.js objects with the times pinned to the appropriate day.

  • Do you need these represented to America/Los_Angeles even if the user is running from a different time zone? Or is working in the local time zone good enough? – Matt Johnson-Pint Apr 26 '14 at 1:34
moment('09:00','h:mm a').format('h:mm a');

Found in moment.js doc:

moment('10:45 PM', 'HH:mm a')


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    No, this will not work, since a time of '01:00 AM' will be mapped to the current rather than the following day. – Richard Apr 25 '14 at 4:54
  • this does not answer the question since it is not using America/Los_Angeles timezone asked in the question – Aryeh Armon Jun 13 '16 at 10:23
function getMomentFromTimeString(str) {
  var t = moment(str, 'HH:mm A');
  // Now t is a moment.js object of today's date at the time given in str

  if (t.get('hour') < 22) // If it's before 9 pm
    t.add('d', 1); // Add 1 day, so that t is tomorrow's date at the same time

  return t;

You can use the tz() method:

var date = moment().tz("America/Los_Angeles").startOf('day');

Then convert it to local time:


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