I have created an Azure Mobile Services using .NET backend.

I am trying to authenticate on Azure Mobile Services with Facebook using the azure mobile services client.


function logIn() {
    client.login("facebook").then(refreshAuthDisplay, function(error){

Facebook Login popup is appearing and I was able to enter the Facebook credential/password.

The latest request is being executed successfully, I am logged into facebook.


However the Facebook login popup is not being closed therefore the javascript promises "complete" callback is not executing.


Currently the .NET backend does not support authentication using the Javascript client. It is being worked on, and will be supported before the .NET runtime leaves preview status.

  • Interesting information. I've been struggling with the same problem. Where did you find this information?
    – Erik Z
    May 19 '14 at 5:26
  • Is this still the case today? I'm having the same issue with Google authentication when using Ripple. On an Android emulator it seems to work fine.
    – oalbrecht
    Jul 11 '15 at 3:37

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