I looked around, but didn't find what I wanted. I need a vim plugin to insert blocks of code and prompt me for values in the comment.

//      **********************   BeWee   ************************
//      *** Creation Date:
//      *** Last Modification Date:
//      *** File name: BeWee.cpp
//      *********************************************************
//      *** Programmer:  Name
//      *** Email: Email
//      *********************************************************
//      *** This file contains the implementation for the class
//      *** BeWee.  The class BeWee models ...
//      ***
//      *********************************************************

I want to be prompted to enter the BeWee, Creation Data, etc

I currently have these comments in a file and just read them into the vim editor.


  • Just a note, but I have vim automatically fill in the creation data when I make a new file. The modification date could probably be done likewise (when you write the file, perhaps?). Feb 25, 2010 at 15:44

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Look at SnipMate. Follow the install guide and make a snippet with the layout.

  • Documentation is pretty much the entire reason I use snipmate. Saves so much time. Feb 25, 2010 at 1:00

Probably You are looking for template engine for vim.

Try this


In my opinion TSkeleton.vim could help you to do what you want. It can load the skeleton that you will have made and let you modify the different parts (values) on the fly.

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