I have seen a lot of tutorials on client/server chat rooms using sockets, I am trying to create a instant messenger which will allow users (stored in a sql db) to chat with there contacts and groups(also stored on sql db). now I am really puzzled where to start. how would i go about creating a server which can handle peer to peer chat and group chat. I am using a mysql database which will store the user data and contacts list.


To get you started on ServerSocket and ClientSockets for multiple clients you can refer to the below post. Two Socket sharing a port

Ideally every client would have only 1 socket connection to the server. To differentiate between your chats you can very simply use a unique identifier which will help differentiate between the different chat types.

  • thanks for the reply, so do you mean that ever client would have a socket each which would connect to ONE socket in the server or will the server have to have a socket for each client socket. – user3252991 Apr 25 '14 at 12:20
  • The Server would have 1 ServerSocket. Multiple clients (each with a Socket of their own) would connect to the same ServerSocket in the server. – AdityaKeyal Apr 25 '14 at 12:22

You will need to create a multi-threaded socket server, this will accept incoming connections on a loop, and then pass off all operation between that instance of the socket and the client into a separate thread. This will allow you to run multiple client connections at once. This Page goes into great detail about creating both single and multi-threaded chat servers.

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