Suppose I plan to meet with someone multiple times, but not on a regular schedule that would allow me to set it as a repeating task. I can type in something like

** TODO Meeting with Gus
   SCHEDULED: <2014-04-25 FRI 10:00-10:30>
   SCHEDULED: <2014-04-28 MON 15:30-16:00>

Scheduling the first meeting using C-c C-s (org-schedule) is easy enough. I cannot find a way to schedule the second without typing everything in by hand. If I hit C-c C-s again, it changes the time of the first meeting rather than scheduling a second meeting. Is there a more efficient way to do this?

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How about:

** Meet with a dude
   <2014-04-25 Fri 13:00-13:30>
   <2014-04-27 Sun 14:00-14:30>
   <2014-04-29 Tue 10:00-10:30>
   <2014-05-02 Fri 08:00-08:30>

This will show up in your agenda at the indicated times.

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    You're correct. I should be using simple timestamps rather than scheduling. From the org-mode manual: "Setting a date for a meeting is just a simple appointment, you should mark this entry with a simple plain timestamp, to get this item shown on the date where it applies. This is a frequent misunderstanding by Org users. In Org mode, scheduling means setting a date when you want to start working on an action item." Commented Apr 25, 2014 at 20:37

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