I have a text line (newick file format with bootstrap values) that contains many numbers between 0.000 and 1.000 that I want to multiply by 100 and return the value as a rounded integer between 0 and 100. These numbers are all preceded by a ")" and followed by a ":". There are other numbers in the line of text I want to leave untouched which aren't surrounded by these. I've been trying to do this with a perl one-liner along the lines of:

perl -ape 's/\)(\d\.\d+):/\)int($1*100+.5):/eg' test.newick

However, it is failing because of a syntax error, I believe because it can't evaluate the ")" and the ":" I'm trying to keep in there in the replacement. Any suggestions how I can do this? Thanks!

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    Please post a sample text line. – Pedro Lobito Apr 25 '14 at 22:31

A few issues:

  • A parenthesis is a regex special character. You just need to escape it with a backslash if you want it to be a literal in your LHS.
  • Your RHS needs to use string concatenation, since it's being evaled
  • Consider using s{}{} as your regex delimiter to avoid the leaning tower confusion

Resolves to the following:

perl -ape 's{\)(\d.\d+):}{")" . int($1*100+.5) . ":"}eg' test.newick

Alternatively, you could use lookahead and lookbehind assertions if you didn't want to have to duplicate the literal text in the RHS

perl -ape 's{\)\K(\d.\d+)(?=:)}{ int($1*100+.5) }eg' test.newick

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