I have some queries like this:

List listOfIntegers = Arrays.asList(new Integer[] {1, 2, 3});
List objects = 
    namedParameterJdbcTemplate.query("select * from bla where id in ( :ids )",
            Collections.singletonMap("ids", listOfIntegers),

This will send this SQL query to the database:

select * from bla where id in ( 1, 2, 3 )

Now I want to send this type of query to the database:

select * from bla where (id,name) in ( (1,'foo'), (2,'bar'), (3,'foobar'))

Do I need to pass a List<List<Object>> to accomplish this? Will it work with Spring JDBCTemplate?

  • Tested with List<List<Object>> and it did not work. Debugging the Spring code that handles the list of integers I saw that it generates a series of '?' for each element in the list. Commented Apr 28, 2014 at 13:31

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I have debugged Spring code and found that it expects tuples to be provided as Object[], so for it to work with a List it should be a List<Object[]>.


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