How can create dialog using the UI Designer? I have try to make dialog by creating new Form and change its UIID to dialog and showForm("dialogName", null); it shows form with full screen

And again I use following statement Dialog dlg = (Dialog)createContainer(fetchResourceFile(), "dialogName"); but it shows the following error com.codename1.ui.Form cannot be cast to com.codename1.ui.Dialog

How can solve this problem and how can i create dialog in ui designer?

Thank dear shai I am able to create dialog on the designer.Again i have one question . I try to add Back command on the dialog but the command is not displayed and i also refer the following link

Codenameone - change dialog commands appearance

But i did not find dlgButtonCommandUIID in the theme constants tab , how can i solve it and how can i add back button in dialog.

Plus is there default Positive(YES)button and negative(NO) button in dialog? If yes how to implement it?


When you press the Add option in the designer there is an option to create a form or many other templates in the designer. One of the options is Dialog.

Setting the UIID just makes the form look like a dialog in some UI's (the Dialog styling is pretty complex).

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