I am new to verilog.I dont know what the hell is wrong with my code.The program displays the counter value at the given moment from 0H to 16H. key[2] is the button that will increment the counter, and sw[0] resets the counter.

else if(sw[9:5]==5'b00100)
    counter = 0;
    hex2 = 7'b1000000;
    always@(negedge sw[0],posedge key[2])
        if(~sw[0]) counter = 0;
        else if(key[2])begin
            if(counter == 16'hFFFF) counter = 0;
            else                    counter = counter +1;

The error I get says Verilog HDL syntax near text "always"; expecting ";", or "@", or "end" or an identifier("always" is a reserved keyword), or a system task, or "{", or a sequential statement.

my counter = 0; is defined at the top outside my upper most module as integer counter;

Your help is greatly appreciated.

  • Can you paste the full code ? Also the exact error ? – chitranna Apr 26 '14 at 9:32
  • 7
    You cannot have a always block inside an if .. else block – chitranna Apr 26 '14 at 9:42

always block is not allowed in sequentially executed if..else block.

One way you can try is : @(negedge sw[0],posedge key[2])

This will trigger on any change in above two signals, but it will detect only one change.

Looks like you want to enable the counter when sw[9:5]==5'b00100 Why not try setting a flag here, and then use an always @flag block to implement the running counter.

  • improve answer format – gangadhars May 6 '14 at 7:02

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