In Silverlight 3.0 I have added a custom behavior to some UIElement in Code Behind.

I wanted to remove the Behavior later in runtime.

What is the C# syntax to Detach an already added Behavior from an UIElement?

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I am guessing you are talking about a behavior deriving from the Behavior<T> class in the Blend SDK...

Do you still have a reference to the behavior from when you attached it?

MyCustomBehavior myBehavior = new MyCustomBehavior();


If you no longer have a reference to the instance of the behavior when you want to detach it you can do something like this to detach all behaviors on a DependencyObject:

foreach (var behavior in Interaction.GetBehaviors(myElement))
  • After Detach(), Attach() cannot re-attach or restore the behavior to the dependency object. solution?
    – KMC
    Commented Nov 14, 2012 at 15:18

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