I've spent several hours trying to make Robolectric in Android Studio, with no success, and I'm almost up to give it up. I get the following error:

!!! JUnit version 3.8 or later expected:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Stub!

Of course I use a junit version newer than 3.8 (4.11, indeed).

I've tried several tricks founds in other questions related to this, such as:

  • move the junit dependency to be the first one as suggested somewhere,
  • tried gradle tricks such as changing the sourceSets.instrumentationtest.setRoot, classpath, dependencies -> instrumentTestCompile, apply plugin: 'android-unit-test', but the Gradle version included in my Android Studio version (0.5.7) doesn't seem to recognize these tags.

I even downloaded examples from GitHub that don't even compile. So I'm getting really tired of this.

Any ideas?


This run will fail with a complaint about “JUnit version 3.8 or later expected”. The reason for this is that jUnit 4 is too far down the classpath, and now comes perhaps the least elegant part of this setup: as Kostya Y explains, copy the whole contents of the console with the error message into a text editor and do this:

  1. Remove everything except -classpath “…”
  2. Move jUnit 4 to be the first thing in the classpath
  3. Add an entry for the absolute path to the robolectric test classes directory as the last item in the classpath, in this case /path/to/MyProject/app/build/classes/robolectric.

Now if you try re-running the configuration, you might get an UnsupportedClassVersionError if you’ve previously run the tests in console, or at least this happens to me on my Mac. I don’t know the actual root cause, but if this happens, just do Build > Clean Project to clear out previously built classes.

Source: http://blog.futurice.com/android_unit_testing_in_ides_and_ci_environments

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  • Personally, I decided it was not worth the time and stuck with the supported androidTest that runs on the device. Chances are a newer version of AS/gradle could break these workarounds. Hopefully the issue gets resolved soon: code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=65186 – Oleg Vaskevich May 15 '14 at 23:03

here is a thread about robolectric + android studio, maybe some answers there will help you Android project with Robolectric and Gradle (Android studio)


The issue with the classpath modification can be avoided by use latest android studio version and setup idea output paths with gradle idea plugin

apply plugin: 'idea'    
idea {
    module {
        outputDir = file('build/resources/testDebug')
        testOutputDir = file('build/test-classes/debug')
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