I can not set up the sonar qube plguin in eclipse. i have installed it via the eclipse marketplace. After this, in the eclipse settings there are config options for the server, default is


but if i click "Test Connection" then i get an error "Unable to connect."

after this i change the address to the ip address like this:

but i get the same error. so i search on so and try some of the suggestion, i change the network settings in eclipse like in the answer here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/4596181/1809221

but this doesn't work. Any other suggestions?

My Settings: OS: Mac OSX Eclipse: Kepler Sonar Version: 3.3.0

Thank's in advance.


The answer has been posted in this Question. Please change the network settings for eclipse for SOCKS proxy in manual connection How do I have to configure the proxy settings so Eclipse can download new plugins?

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