how to render text as html

<polymer-element name = "table-element" attributes ="structure data">
         <table class="ui table segment" id="table_element">
                 <th template repeat="{{col in cols}}">
             <tr template repeat="{{row in data}}">
                **<td template repeat="{{field in fields}}">
                   {{row[field]}} // render this as html
<script type="application/dart" src="table_element.dart"></script>

below text

"<a href=\"http://google.com\"> open</a>"

is rendered as plain text <a href="http://google.com"> open</a> inside table ,how to make this rendered as html ?

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A ready-to-use element for Dart Polymer 1.0 is bwu-bind-html

You can use something like a <safe-html> element shown here:


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