In AngularDart, how can I get the route parameters from within my component which is in a view?

As far as I have managed to get is that in my router, I believe I should add parameters as such:

'class': ngRoute(
    path: '/class/:year/:month/:day',
    view: 'views/class.html'

Then how can I get the year month and day in my component? its a @Component annotated class.

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this should work

class MyComponent {
  RouteProvider _routeProvider;


  var year = _routeProvider.parameters['year'];

You let inject the RouteProvider and access the parameters map.


I think the current answer is obsolete.

import 'package:angular/angular.dart';
import 'package:angular_router/angular_router.dart';

directives: [
class MyComponent {
  final RouterState _route;


  final year = this.route.queryParameters['year'];

Hope this helps

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