I need to run a method after the Spring Application Context of my web app has started up. I looked at this question but it refers to Java Servlet startup, and none of the Spring stuff has run at that point.

Is there a "SpringContext.onStartup()" method I can hook into?


Use something like the following code:

public class StartupListener implements ApplicationListener<ContextRefreshedEvent> {

  public void onApplicationEvent(final ContextRefreshedEvent event) {
    // do your stuff here 

Of course StartupListener will need to be within the component scan's reach

Take note however that if your application uses multiple contexts (for example a root context and a web context) this method will be run once for each context.


You can write listener like this:

public class SpringContextListener implements ApplicationListener<ApplicationEvent> {
    public void onApplicationEvent(ApplicationEvent arg0) {

Just add component scan path like this:

<context:component-scan base-package="com.controller" />

Have a look at Better application events in Spring Framework 4.2

public class MyListener {

    public void handleContextRefresh(ContextRefreshedEvent event) {

Annotate a method of a managed-bean with @EventListener to automatically register an ApplicationListener matching the signature of the method. @EventListener is a core annotation that is handled transparently in a similar fashion as @Autowired and others: no extra configuration is necessary with java config and the existing < context:annotation-driven/> element enables full support for it.


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