is it possible to write an automated script that uploads a specific video to a specific facebook page without any user action, like login verification and "Do you want to allow App XY to post something on your wall"?

I looked a bit into the Facebook PHP SDK, and there are a couple of things I dont like:

1) You always have to verify that you want to post something on your page

2) It seems it can't be run from localhost, you need a server. That would make the whole thing slower as I had to upload a video to a server before uploading it to facebook.

Another question: Is it possible to "save" the facebook logins, so i can switch pages? Otherwise I just would use multiple .php files.

  • Voting to close as “to broad”, because it doesn’t look like you really have looked into it yet (otherwise there shouldn’t be such misconceptions or trivial questions left). – CBroe Apr 27 '14 at 17:08

As @CBroe said, your question looks quite broad. But anyway, have a look at my answer here Obtaining a Facebook auth token for a command-line (desktop) application to get an idea how this can be solved.

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